Automobile Industry

Due to globalization and internationalization, the automobile industry is facing ever new challenges. The manufacturers are forced to launch new car models in greater variety, shrinking batch size and shortening time period while cutting the costs simultaneously. Only the OEMs who are able to meet the requirement applying flexible and professional management in the product creation process can survive this competition and gain long-term success.

Our service are not only featured analytical, formal logical approach in coping the tasks, but also deep comprehension in cross-functional processes.
Through our longstanding expertise and openness towards different views and thinking as well as nonlinear, process-networked development, we are capable to retrieve and assess the complex active and retroactive effects of single decisions along the way from product development to start of production.

Besides professional planning and steering in the development projects, we consider consistent assessment of the gained experiences, the identification of critical process steps and technologies in handling projects also a key to efficiency enhancement and successful launch of new products.

Emiliano Fulajtar

There is invaluable knowledge borne in the mechanical engineering and automobile industries. Unfortunately, workers are failed to be provided with it in an appropriate way so that they would work faster and more efficiently. Not only in terms of technical know how, but also of process knowledge. We help you to network the necessary and existing knowledge, and provide it to developers.

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